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Major Research Interests, New RecIPES

   Our research goal is to determine the molecular mechanism and biophysical properties of ion channel modulation, neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission. We'd fundamentally like to examine the functional significance of membrane biology in various neuronal diseases like epilepsy, pain, psychiatric disorders, channelopathies and etc.

  • Neuronal disorders

Examinations on functional significance of membrane biology in various neuronal disorders


  • Receptor modulation

Metabotropic & ionotropic receptor modulation of neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission


  • Ion channels

Mechanism and biophysical properties of ion channels


  • Phosphoinositides

Ion channel  modulation by membrane lipid (phosphoinositiedes) metabolism 


  • Electrophysiology

Measurements of voltage change or electric current on a wide variety of scales from ion channels to the brain 


  • Signal tansduction

Neurotransmission caused by signal transduction (the essential process for communication between two neurons)

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